This list started after my brother threw me a Facebook query about which restaurants he should recommend to a friend new to Boston. I threw it out to the world, and everyone had an opinion! Although the comments aren’t listed here, the recommenders do make an appearance, as do the things they suggest that one consume at said establishment. I have grouped everything by location, which I hope will be helpful. Feel free to add your two cents, and I’ll add it to the list!



Harvard Square:

Bar Noir – Jason Fisher

Cafe Algiers (lentil soup, mint tea) – Sarah Darling

Crema Cafe (omg quiches) – Sarah Darling

Cafe Pamplona (toasty things) – Sarah Darling

The Cellar (garden, cocktails) – Emily Rideout

Chutney’s (quick and cheap) – Jaya Lakshminarayanan, Jeremiah Hill

Clover Food Labs (basil lemonade) – Jaya Lakshminarayanan, Sarah Darling

Felipe’s – Sarah Darling

Fire and Ice – Robert Nash

Grafton Street – Robert Nash

Grendel’s Den (hot port cider) – Jacob Mashak, Sarah Darling

Henrietta’s Table (weekday breakfast) – Emily Davidson, Sarah Darling

Hi Rise Cafe – Justin Kao

Kebab Factory – Justin Kao

Otto (nifty pizza) – Justin Kao


Central Square:

Baraka Cafe (north african) – Annie Rabbat, Sarah Darling

Central Kitchen – Katherine Bacasmot

Flour – Justin Kao, Sarah Darling

Green Street Grill – Katherine Bacasmot


Kendall Square:

Craigie on Main – Jaya Lakshminarayanan

Emma’s (inspired pizza) – Sarah Darling

The Friendly Toast (brunch) – Emily Davidson

The Helmand (kaddo) – Aaron Soloway, Sarah Darling

Thai Similans – Justin Kao


Davis Square:

Diesel (vietnamese coffee) – Sarah Darling

Redbones (barbecue) – Sarah Darling


Inman Square:

Christina’s (indian spice ice cream) – Sarah Darling


Union Square:

Journeyman – Alexa Fields, Jeremiah Hill, Sarah Darling




Boston Schwarma (schwarma salad) – Margaret Darling

Lucy’s Ethiopian – Sarah Darling

Moby Dick (lentils over rice, rose lemonade) – Jake Charkey, Benjamin Sorrell, Sarah Darling

Pho Basil – Jesse Irons

Pho and I (lunch special) – Margaret Darling

Top of the Hub (hot cookie) – Katherine Bacasmot


Back Bay/Newbury Street:

Addis Red Sea – Jason Fisher

Bar 10 – Jason Fisher

Parish Cafe – Jesse Irons

Pavement – Sarah Darling

Tapeo – Jesse Irons


South End:

Coppa – Cynthia Miller Freivogel

Estragon (tapas) – Jaya Lakshminarayanan

The Gallows – Andrew Karr

Jae’s Cafe (screaming spicy roll no. 2) – Scott Woolweaver

Oronoco – Katherine Bacasmot


North End:

Carmen – Jaya Lakshminarayanan

Damiano’s (small plates) – Sarah Darling

Mamma Maria’s – Margaret Darling

Neptune Oyster (oysters!) – Eric Darling


Chinatown/Downtown Crossing:

Chau Chow City (greasy yummy dim sum) – Robert Nash

Dong Khan (fresh fruit drinks) – Teddie Hwang

Gourmet Dumpling House – Limin Mo

Market – Jason Fisher

My Thai (vegan, lunch special soup) – Sarah Darling

Stoddards (cocktails) – Jeremiah Hill

Xhin Xhin (duck salad) – Robert Mealy


Jamaica Plain:

Bukhara – Sarah Darling

Canto 6 (any baked goods) – Sarah Darling

El Oriental de Cuba – Jeremiah Hill

The Haven (scotch egg) – Jeremiah Hill

James Gate (mussels) – Jason Fisher

Ten Tables – Cynthia Miller Freivogel, Michael Unterman

Tres Gatos – Michael Unterman



Boca Grande (burritos) – Abigail Karr

Bottega Fiorentina (italian street food) – Abigail Karr

Lineage – Jesse Irons

Pho Lemongrass – Sarah Paysnick

The Publick House (belgian pub grub, weihenstephaner hefeweizen) – Jaya Lakshminarayanan, Sarah Darling

Sichuan Gourmet – Justin Kao

Shiki (home-style japanese) – Jason Fisher, Akiko Sato, Sarah Darling



Sofra (nouveau mid-east) Jeremiah Hill, Sarah Darling



Bon Chon (chicken) – Jason Fisher



Jo Jo Taipei – Justin Kao



Bergamot – Jaya Lakshminarayanan



Tango Argentinian Steakhouse – Jason Fisher

Toraya (lunch special) – Akiko Sato, Jason Fisher, Sarah Darling



Oishii – Jason Fisher



Oga (bento) – Jason Fisher

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